How can i join/register and why?

Go to the register page, fill out the form correctly and send it. When everything's alright you can login only a second later. If that doesn't work for you, please contact the Admin over 'office@mxm-studios.com'.

You must register because Luisa3D.com is only for adults. Also, since i give away my work for free, i want to make sure that only the coolest people view Luisa B.. After years of making one-page sites i'm in the mood now to come up with a bigger online presence. Who knows what the future brings, but you can be part of it right from the start.

Wo ist der deutsche Teil der Seite hin?

Deutsch Es tut mir sehr leid, aber das Betreiben einer mehrsprachigen Webseite ist sehr zeitaufwändig. Da die Besucherzahlen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum leider äußerst (!) gering sind, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, den deutschen Teil von Luisa3D.com bis auf Weiteres zu schließen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass du trotzdem gut mit der Seite zurecht kommen wirst ;)

Aber: Die Comics gibt es nach wie vor in zwei Sprachen! Also ist alles halb so schlimm.

I don't believe it's free! Is it a trick?

Short answer:
No, it isn't a trick. And Yes, it really is free.

Long answer:
You're right! It is really uncommon to make full-length 3Dx comics available for free. There are mainly 3 reasons for the 'give away' concept:

  1. I'm simply a nice guy who wants to entertain his, sorry, Luisa's fans for free. I believe in Net Neutrality, Creative Commons, Fairness and all that green liberal shit. I also think that religion sucks, but that is another topic. Anyway, i've created a info (non-sex) website where you can make a donation.
  2. Most payment-gate services are very shady, in my opinion. I simply couldn't find a site or service i would trust. I don't want to deal with them. And the better ones don't allow adult-art and/or are super expensive. You may think it's a lame excuse, but i'm bitchy about money business.
  3. There are many big 3Dx Sites (which i deeply respect and even be a member of) over which i could sell my stories. But as an artist i have very mixed feelings about seeing my be-loved Luisa between all those covered-in-monster-cum poor souls and rape victims. Luisa always was at home on her own website, and i think i should leave it this way.

Indeed i reserve the right to change my mind at any time ;)

Do i need to download/install something?

Nope! Everything runs right in your browser, as long as you have Javascript activated. Of course you have, or else you couldn't read this text right now :)

Where is 'Dreams of Luisa'?

Luisa3D.com is the new dreamsofluisa.com. The story Luisa B. is the latest Dreams of Luisa episode. It's a new name and a new technology, but still the same characters, made by the same creator, playing in the same naughty universe.

But where are the very old episodes that were made with The Sims?

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately the old episodes were made with Flash. This software is problematic and i don't use it anymore. Since many years i have plans to re-build the stories as pdf or the MXMD, but it's simply a shitload of work and i always prefer to work on new stories.

But check out the Dreams of Luisa section on our sister site clublena.com and pray that your Flash Plugin is still working.

Where are the PDF-Comics?

Right here in the member area! Login and check out the links in the navigation bar ;)

Is Luisa B. a movie?

No. It is a comic = moving through pages that hold 1 or more pics, read text in speech bubbles (that aren't actually bubbles in my style), jumping back and fourth to different chapters, having fun with interactive elements and enjoy MXMD bonus features...

Was Luisa B. made with 3D Sexvilla 3?

No. Sexvilla 3 does not exist and i fear it will never come. There are no signs (since years) that the sexvilla company thriXXX is interested in the making of Sexvilla 3. They've made Chathouse 3D instead and still seem to concentrate on its development, not Sexvilla 3.

I've created many stories for clublena.com, the SEXXI magazine and 2 Dreams of Luisa episodes with Sexvilla 2. All that is still available. But in early 2015 i finally moved onto the world of real 3D'ing, leaving Sexvilla far behind.

At the moment i have no plans to create stuff with Sexvilla again. That era has ended.

What is the MXMD?

The MX Media Display is a javascript software that i've programmed to present my comics right in the browser, with the ability to add cool interactive features. There is no plugin or software download required, it simply runs in any (up-to-date) Browser. I recommend latest Firefox or Chrome. Other browsers are shit anyway.

Read the blog post where i explain the MXMD in detail.

Sometimes i read the term "eraXXX". What's that?

Just a catchy word to show off how smart i am. No, seriously, Luisa B. marks the third era of Dreams of Luisa stories, after vintage machinima (The Sims) and NextGen Machinima (Sexvilla). So we have the word "era" as well as "XXX", which smartly connects the number 3 with the internationally understandable short form for "porn". I've told you that i'm smart ;)

On the other hand, it doesn't really matter what eraXXX means. I only was in need for a cool term.

Why isn't this site made with https? Is it secure?

Hey, i'm not running a bank! There's no financial transaction going on here. There's no sensible data being transferred. The NSA and other intelligence agencies are watching you already all of the time. Don't blame me, blame them. In fact, the member area was made to give you a nice and personal place where you can enjoy my 3Dx in silence. https is simply not required. Believe me or just don't register.

I've lost my password!

I have diffuse plans far in the lower end of my task list to add better password features to the site. But it's not top priority. The less password transactions are going through the internet, the higher the security gets. Learn to remember your passwords, don't use the same on more than one site, make them $Tr0ng. Enough blah, here's a quick solution:

  • Look for the activation mail you received after joining. It also contains your password.
  • Lost the acti-mail? Send a mail with your username over the address you're registered with to office(at)mxm-studios(dot)com
  • Create a new account. You'll need a new username and email address. This is not recommended because it creates double accounts. Please let the Admin know.

Who are you? How can i contact you?

My artist name is MaXsiM. It's a silly name, i know. I remember that, many years ago, i named a texture file (or something like that) like this. It was a short for "male x simulation" or so, don't remember it exactly. I just thought it would be a cool name and also came up with the upper- and lowercase combination, that was hip at that time.

Simply use the feedback form on your settings page in the member area. You can also write to office(at)mxm-studios(dot)com or contact me over various social media sites, all listed nicely on my blog.