Terms of Service

With registering at Luisa3D.com you agree to the following rules of love!

Site basics:

  1. You must be adult, 18 years or older to join. If you're younger and trick your way into the member area you will go blind.
  2. It's forbidden to show kids and minor aged people the member area or its content.
  3. You are responsible for yourself. If porn isn't allowed in your country or there are other serious reasons for you to stay out (you might get a heart attack or so), then don't join.
  4. You must use a valid email address and strong password to join. You promise to keep those data hidden and secure. Do not lose or forget your user data!
  5. It's not allowed to share your password with others to give them access to the site. Since it's all free, it wouldn't make sense anyway.
  6. There is no financial transaction going on. There is no social interaction between members going on. So there's nothing to worry about.
  7. Site comes as is. There is no guaranty for anything. It works for you or it doesn't. The administrator is trying hard to keep wheels turning for as many people as possible. But shit can happen, we all know that.
  8. Using the site and viewing its content is free.


  1. You stay anonymous. Your activity on the site is not visible to other members or visitors. Your real name is not required. There are optional (!) settings, that will be visible to the administrator.
  2. No cookies. Your session data will only be saved when you're logged in, to keep the member area working. When you log off, you're off. When you close your browser, you're off. When you become inactive you'll be logged off.
  3. No newsletter. You will not receive a regular newsletter, but it may happen that the administrator sends you a mail when really big changes happen. Not very likely though, since the admin is a lazy prick.
  4. Your data will not be given to third parties. But you are responsible for the ways you take through the internet. Other websites may follow your moves. As well as the intelligence service of your country and other countries.
  5. To create statistics about the site usage, Luisa3D.com uses Google Analytics. No data of a personal nature will be collected.

The dark side:

  1. Trying to hack into the site would make you look like a dumbass in the scene. Because here isn't anything of interest. No credit card data, no real identities. And free fantasy porn. Free, got it?
  2. Anyway, the site was made precisely to keep hackers, spammers, robots and trolls out. The site owner isn't responsible for offtimes, data lost or anything else that might happen due to misuse.


  1. The story, website, all its content and technical elements were created by MaXsiM.
  2. Luisa B. / Dreams of Luisa is a fictional 3D-Art comic story for adults. It contains only digitally made characters. No real persons involved.
  3. All characters appear to be adults.
  4. All characters, events, companies, products depicted in the story are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events, companies, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  5. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about any health risks and possible side effects.
  6. All rights reserved. You may want to share single pictures on your blog, that's no problem. Mark it as NSFW and let MaXsiM know. Don't share the whole thing, because that doesn't make any sense.
  7. You promise to be nice, play fair and keep things real.

There may be changes to these terms at any time. This list does not claim to be exhaustive.