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February 10, 2018 IMPORTANT

Upcoming Website Relaunch!

While finishing LuisaB4 and working on a new website, i've made an important decision.

The upcoming version of will be open for all adults, no need to register anymore. Most of the extra features are going to be terminated. I will move some of the content to patreon.

Did you know that there is a brandnew PDF Edition of Episode 1 available for Patreon Supporters? Check it out!

The relaunch will happen in March, so it doesn't make much sense to register now. I will delete the database with the user accounts once it is redundant.

The main reason for the change is to simplify everything. More about that later...

We're on now!

I just joined, the social media platform on the STEEM Blockchain. Read more about it on the blog - and join as well! It may be become the future internet :)

March 05, 2017 3DXHAVEN

Luisa's new headquarter...

It's official: Luisa B. is now being made by 3dxhaven and all links have been updated. If you still find a path to the old MXM presence (especially on artwork) simply ignore it.

But most important to know, the creator stays the same! And he's streaming a lot of the ongoing episode 4 progress.

Talking about Episode 4, it finally got a title! Log in and visit the Preview page.

Also make sure to check out the Links to find all the new places!

February 24, 2017 STREAMING!

Join me creating Luisa B.

Follow me on, free streaming with adult content.

Peeple you know that an earthquake is going on in the MXM universe. But don't worry, i'm still creating 3D Porn!

It's only that i start a new blog, change my artist name a bit and try to work with a refreshed mindset.

You can see by yourself: Follow me on and join me when i create new things for Luisa B.. It's a bit challenging for me, but i think we'll have much fun :)

Let's make it a thing!


December 13, 2016 Coming Soon

December 6, 2016 St. Nicholas' Update

First animations

Today i did some minor changes to the site, updated the preview page (with news about LB4) and...

...made Luisa's first animation! It's a funny gif where Luisa is letting her gorgeous tits dance for you.

November 5, 2016 SEXXI

A new SEXXI magazine is out!

Remember that other project by MXM, the Sexvilla Fan Magazine SEXXI? There's finally a new issue available, now also in real 3Dx.

And you know what? It also contains a super hot picture story of Luisa B. star Natalie Silver (Roxy Hart) and an Interview with Lena Luv who reveals some secrets about the next episode.

Not to forget Rachel (Violet Flores in Episode 3) who is the SEXXI covergirl and gets banged by two guys...

SEXXI 8 is exclusively available on, you can become a patron for only 1$ per month. Check it out and support MXM for more hot stuff!

August 17, 2016 Site Update

Download a new PDF!

I hope you all have a great summer! At least Luisa and her horny friends have a hot time in the new episode "Blind Trust".

What? You didn't know about the new episode? That's probably because there wasn't time to update the site with enough up-to-date imagery.

Well, that finally happened today! Check out the new header pics and don't miss to download the Morning Fever comic that's finally available as free PDF.

You only need the Devotion Award which is easy. You find information about the Awards on the member startpage.

July 25, 2016 Episode 3 IS LIVE

Finally, the biggest Luisa B. episode has been released.

Episode 3 'Blind Trust' is now available in the member area. With 125 pages it's the biggest episode so far.

Over the next few days other parts of the site will be updated as well. Don't get confused if you find some outdated information on the site, i just fully concentrated on finishing the story first, before making any additional stuff.

125 pages, 240 renders, 10 special shots, 3 (!) new female characters, 4 locations, more nude pixels than ever, more perverted than ever! Does that sound good enough? :)

BTW: Blind Trust starts immediately after the end of Episode 2, it can be considered as part 2 of Morning Fever. Anyway, if you're new, make sure to start with episode 1 ;)

It took a while to produce this episode, thank you very much for your patience! I hope you enjoy 'Blind Trust'.

July 11, 2016 Ready when Ready!

There's no official release date this time!

Episode 3 'Blind Trust' is almost ready to rock. We're talking about a couple of days now.

But it's still much to do! Luisa is fucking really hard every day to create the longest and most perverted episode ever! It will go online immediately after it's done. So stay tuned and get ready.

The progress bar on the preview page will get updated every day or two. Also follow MaXsiM on twitter and read the latest blog post on See you soon.

April 19, 2016 Half Way Through

More than 50% of episode 3 is done!

I reached a new milestone on my way to episode 3 and i can tell you it was a hell of a trip! And the journey isn't over yet.

But don't worry about me spending all my money, free time and nerves on the production of "Blind Trust", better log in to your account and check out the new poster!

I've also added many spoilers to the preview page! You need the blabbermouth award to access that page. Just leave a comment and wait for its moderation. Nothing's easier.

Please also consider becoming a patreon or leaving a donation. Thanks.

March 19, 2016 In the studio

Short update on what's going on

Last month we didn't make much progress with the new story. But don't worry, the production is still in the green zone. Luisa's next episode is planned to be released in May/June.

The poll for the new mini series is closed now. We have a winner. But wait, i'm not telling you who Luisa's sex partner will be. Not now.

So this is pretty much the time during a production when you fans need to be strong since there's not much going on. That's because the production itself requires much work and doesn't leave much space for anything else.

Anyway, thanks for supporting the project and loving Luisa. Have a nice and sexy spring time.

February 15, 2016 "Valentine Update"

Cosmetics and a new POLL

Since everybody seems to be very happy about this site, content and layout (i asked for input on January 29), i only did some changes to the layout, gave Cast its own page, re-coded some lines and...

There's also a new poll going on!

I'm planning a mini series to shorten the time between the big episodes. This means more work for me but more fun for you :) Anyway, i have three scenes in mind, login and vote on your profile page!

Don't forget to check out my Patreon Page and become Luisa's Patron!

February 5, 2016 Now on Patreon!

A fresh new way to support us...

While everybody in the studio is working non-stop on new content, MaXsiM just started a site on!

Patreon is like "kickstarter" for artists, including 3Dx artist.
You can become a Patron for only 1 Dollar/month (or more if you want).

Of course our patreon page will feature fresh original content in the future and you'll get some nice rewards...

Please check out and start pledging!

January 29, 2016 Sexy Valentine Update in the works

Your Input wanted!

Hey, i hope everybody is doing well! I just want to let you know that i'm already working on Episode 3 and also preparing a site update. You can expect it around Valentine's Day, so i call it the "Sexy Valentine Update" :p

It's never too late for your input! What feature do you want on the site? What are you missing? What could be made better?

There are many ways to submit your suggestions:

1. Login and use the feedback form on your profile page.
2. Follow me on twitter and tweet me.
3. Or use any other social network you can find me. Nicely listed on

Let me take the chance and thank all of you for registering and taking the Surveys in the member area! It's inspiring. Your votes already go directly into the next episode. It's very cool to learn more about my audience :)

Please don't be shy and don't hesitate to contact me. Stay well and look forward to the site update.

December 28, 2015 Demon Hunter Update!


Hey, Traveler! Luisa has got another great update for you!

Demon Hunter

Login and download the exclusive Demon Hunter Re-Release Bonus Pack. It contains:

The PDF-Comic "Laura Crest and the Temple of the Satyr" (for the first time as pdf)
The PDF-Comic "Laura Crest in the Fangs of the Harpy"
The Demon Hunter PDF-Calendar '14, now set up for 2016
A bonus folder with nice DH artwork.

113MB of nude pixels, probably the best "Tomb Raider" fanfiction ever made with Sexvilla. You'll find the direct download in the news section of the member startpage.

December 22, 2015 Calendar Update!

Get your copy of Luisa's PDF-Calendar 2016!

Like i mentioned before, you need to be an Influencer to download the bonus calendar. Login and follow the hints, it's easy.

Some of you are Influencers already, so just check out your awards :)

The Award-Section is completed!

All four awards contain downloads or give access to bonus content now. Awards are all very easy to get - and of course they are free.

Please also read my end-of-year review on my blog. It also contains some foggy future plans and hot pictury.

Luisa and her naughty friends wish all of you a wonderful Christmas time!

December 18, 2015 More Downloads...

Become an Influencer!

The pics for a new sexy calendar are currently rendering. The calendar will be an exclusive PDF-Download for Influencers.
Becoming an Influencer is pretty easy: Login, go to settings, fill out the little "SEX SURVEY". Don't be shy ;)

You'll find the download in your awards section, when it is ready.

BTW: Getting the other awards is also very easy. Good luck and thanks to all who already put in their 2 cents.

December 13, 2015 LB2 RELEASE

Luisa B. - 2 - Morning Fever has been released!

I hope you love the new episode as much as you loved Best Friends.
Sit back, relax and enjoy.

But hey! The website was relaunched too! Isn't that fascinating? All these new features and awards and comments and what not. Check it all out, and don't be a dick :p

Deutsch Tut mir sorry, aber der deutsche Teil der Seite ist vorerst stillgelegt - die leider wirklich geringe Nachfrage aus dem deutschspachigen Raum rechtfertigt nicht den hohen Arbeitsaufwand, den eine zweisprachige Seite mit sich bringt! Aber die Geschichte selbst gibt es natürlich auch wieder auf Deutsch. Schau unter Stories in der Navigation oben...

October 20, 2015 Progress

The progress bar is now showing funky 67% but i already feel like being in the last quarter of the production. It's the part where it really gets stressy. Hey, i've written a short blog post...

September 10, 2015 Coming Soon

The 'Coming Soon' Poster for Luisa B. Part 2 has been released!

Coming Soon: Luisa B. 2

Title of this episode is 'Morning Fever'. Some more stuff about LB2 has been revealed on the preview page in the member area. Also added more Spoiler-Alerts ;)

July 10, 2015 Preview

The Preview page has been updated with new "making of" photos and the reveal of a new character. Progress bar also moved further way up.

May 30, 2015 Site Update v1.4

Update No. 4 introduces the Preview Page! Members can now get first-hand news about Luisa B. - Part 2, that's already in Production. Also, members who fill out their optional settings will be able to download an exclusive gift! Apart from that, some boring code optimizations have been done ;)

May 17, 2015 Site Update v1.3

This is already the third upgrade of since it went online on May 8. So you may have missed a few things, here's a list of new features and changes:


  • Catchier landing page with more sexy pixels and sharper information.
  • Moved the login field into the top navigation bar.
  • Better registration page with help texts and sweet Sybil calling for attention.
  • Extra mail-check field in the registration form. There were too many typos in mail addresses.
  • This help and info page. Made for unregistered/logged-out visitors to get more inside views.
  • Stars. I just love stars.

Member Area

  • Better Member Startpage. Less text, better linking...
  • Gallery with special renders, outtakes and stuff...
  • Link from story back to website is more visible now...
  • Added portraits to the Cast and more pics to the History pages...
  • Redesigned settings page.
  • Better feedback form with selectable topics.



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